Case study

Turning Challenges Into Triumphs: The Full Scale and Facility Ally Journey

A New Dawn in Tech Partnership

In the heart of Kansas City’s vibrant startup ecosystem, a unique challenge presented itself—a challenge that would eventually lead to a rewarding partnership between Full Scale and Facility Ally.
Facility Ally, born out of necessity from the experiences of organizing sports leagues and events, encountered a significant gap in the market: the need for a comprehensive management solution for sports facilities, entertainment venues, and clubs.
As Facility Ally ventured into this uncharted territory, they were entangled in a web of development dilemmas that hindered their progress. This is where our paths converged.

The Labyrinth of Development Woes

The journey Facility Ally had embarked on was fraught with obstacles.
Engagements with multiple development companies led to a series of disappointments, characterized by broken promises, missed deadlines, and the costly advice to start over after significant investment.
This wasn’t merely a technical hurdle; it was a search for a dependable partner who could not only understand their vision but also illuminate the path forward.

The Clarity of Full Scale’s Approach

When Facility Ally turned to us, they were searching for clarity and simplicity amidst the chaos.
We at Full Scale approached their situation with a straightforward yet innovative solution: there was no need to dismantle what was already built.
Instead, we focused on enhancing and improving their existing platform. Our approach was not just about conserving resources—it was about valuing the journey and effort Facility Ally had already put in.

Redefining Success Together

Our collaboration with Facility Ally marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation. The development solutions we implemented not only streamlined their operations and management but also provided a scalable foundation that grew alongside their business.
The flexibility to adjust the size of the development team as necessary, combined with the benefits of cost-efficiency and exceptional quality, created a conducive environment for sustained growth and innovation.

A Testament to Partnership

Reflecting on our journey with Facility Ally, the profound impact of our collaboration shines through.
Choosing Full Scale was a pivotal decision for us. They offered more than just development support; they became an indispensable part of our growth strategy, acting as both an outsourced CTO and a business advisor. Their emphasis on direct communication, daily progress reports, and integrating their team with ours changed the game. This partnership has been about more than services—it’s been about building a shared vision for success.
—Luke Wade, Facility Ally CEO
Our experience with Facility Ally is a testament to our belief in going beyond mere transactions to forge partnerships that are rooted in mutual success and growth.
At Full Scale, we are dedicated to turning challenges into triumphs, ensuring that every partnership we embark on is a journey towards achieving shared goals and dreams.